2016 Reading Challenge – Progress so far

As 2016 started I set out with a goal – read 24 books in this year. That’s about two a month – not that a difficult goal to achieve. Main reason for me to set this goal was to get back to regular reading. There were times I used to read more than two books in a week. But just similar to cycling and running goals for the year, this one too fell flat on it’s face. Nine months gone, here I’m with only 6 books read. That is way too short of my initial goal. With three months left I’m lowering the bar to 10 – that leaves me another 4 books to read in ninety odd days. Below is the list of the books I have read so far.

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As the name says ‘Rakshas’ is a thriller by Piyush Jha set in Mumbai about a serial killer. Himalaya Bound by Michael Benanav takes us into the unknown nomadic life of Van Gujjars in Uttarakhand. ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ (Nanna Tamma Shankara) is a biography of Shankar Nag, a well known Kannada film actor, director & screenwriter by his elder brother Anant Nag (another legend in the Kannada film industry).

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