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Monsoon, one of the most loved seasons, evokes a wide variety of emotions and memories. As I sip a hot cup of coffee, the mind runs in reverse going into a journey full of memories. The very recent cycling trip in Western ghats, those motorbike rides in the rain to Goa and Coorg few years ago, getting drenched & coming back home from school to listen to wonderful sahsranama from mom. Just when I float with memories, I am abruptly brought back to present. It is almost like a war cry – someone runs upstairs to get back all the washed clothes and any rice/grains spread out in the Sun, another one rushes to close the windows. Within no time the entire house is decorated with half-dried clothes. With all the doors and windows shut (thanks to the rain and cold), the wet clothes start their magic. The pungent smell which keep revolving within the four walls is good enough to make every one run out of the house. This is one of the less enjoyable magic of monsoon that repeats every year. As an added bonus we have an inclusion of my baby daughter this year which increases the laundry size many-fold. Thanks to Blogadda, I am better prepared this year to wage a war with the help of Ambi Pur Air Effects (Blossom & Breeze)’. That means no more embarrassments when the guests arrive.

Ambi Pur Air Effects - Blossom and Breeze
Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossom and Breeze

Right below the fragrance label, there is this bold black words which says ‘Eliminates Odours and Freshens the Air’. The ‘Blossoms and Breeze’ does exactly the same. The air freshener very mild and pleasant. Spray it few times around the room, wait for few seconds for the freshener to spread around. Within seconds the entire room will be filled with pleasant smell and the few sprays is enough for the fragrance to linger around for two to three hours. We have had used other room fresheners earlier, but almost all of them were either too artificial or too strong. But the Ambi Pur air effects comes with natural smell and feels as if the room is spread out with natural flowers all around. I had gone out when this air freshener was used first time at my home. When I got back in I thought there was a fresh bouquet only to be proved wrong that it was the Blossoms & Breeze. Overall it is a very good air freshener at an affordable price. Most likely this Blossom and Breeze can is going to be a permanent air freshener at my home (unless I get hooked up with other fragrances by Ambi Pur Air effects).

Note: I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

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