Beware! Sitemeter is injecting ads into your blog

Do you have Sitemeter on your blog to keep track of the visitors? If yes, time for you to get rid of it immediately. It is redirecting your visitors to ads without your permission.

Back then when I was on Blogspot, there was no in-built analytics available to capture the visitor information. After trying out couple of site counters I settled with Sitemeter. As I moved from Blogspot to WordPress, I decided to retain the Sitemeter so as to keep count of total visitors and page loads. After the migration I started using WordPress Stats and then the Jetpack plugin along with Sitemeter. As on old habit I go through my blog stats once in a while just to check how my blogs are faring. And on one of those days where I was going through the blog stats, I observed that there was a higher number of outgoing link hits for the same domain – My initial impression was that it might be from one of the comments left out by my visitors. But as the days went past, the number of hits kept on going up and every time the complete URL was different. Enough information to raise suspicion and I resorted to Google. It didn’t take much time to find out that Sitemeter is redirecting the visitors via ad pages (Sources here and here).

sitemeterI’m running Sitemeter counter on my blog. What should I do?
I would recommend you to remove the complete code which you have placed on the blog template. If you are on WordPress, use Jetpack instead and for Blogspot you’ve got in built stats information.

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