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Celebrate the games, Play Bold

20th September 2014, that was the day I ran my first race. A 10 KMs run on the banks of river Kaveri. It had been only couple of months 2 years ago I had started running regularly. I wanted to check how much I have progressed. On that overcast Saturday morning I set out to run the longest distance I had ever attempted. When I returned home triumphantly with a gleaming medal around my neck, my little niece was more happy than me seeing that medal. "Did you win? Were you first?" pat came the questions from here. It was a bigger task to explain to her about preparation and participation than worrying about winning or losing. When I saw Virat Kohli featured in the 'Made of Bold' video by Royal Challenge Sports Drink, I couldn't help but think about my efforts and preparation I put in for my first ever 10K I ran two years ago.


Those efforts are no where when we compare to these amazing guys who represent India at international level. The 'Made of Bold' video is an ode to these wonderful athletes, their bold spirit and attitude. In a cricket crazy country like India, it is not easy to be a sportsman in other sports. We have athletes participating in many events – Gymnastics, Rowing, Boxing, Wrestling and not to forget Field Hockey (in attempt to bring back the glory days). Defying all the odds, sweating out day in and day out, with a never give-up attitude, they have already created history in qualifying to the event. It was not an easy path for each of them – their daily struggle narrate bold stories. A marathoner from a small tribal village in Kerala up against the mighty Kenyans and Ethiopians, a gymnast who has the credit of being the one only five in the world to perform the deadliest vaults in Gymnastics, a rower from a draft stricken village from Maharashtra – the stories are endless.

Many of our athletes have come very close to winning a medal for our country in the past and there will be many more gritting it out. As we wait in anticipation of winning medals for out country, you guys have already won our hearts. Here is a big cheer for you guys – go out there and play bold.


The Strava Artists II

Little did I know I was bumping into a tip of iceberg when I wrote about the Strava artists couple of months ago. Tip of the iceberg, that’s what I can say my earlier post is. I realized I’ve hit a jackpot when Bret Lobree shared a whole lot of Strava art. Here you go, bring you a second set of Strava artists.

Space Invader by Jeremy Thorsness (

Space Invader
Space Invader

7-11 by Bret Lobree ( – created on July 11th)


One more by Bret Lobree – Nyan Cat (

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat

This is how Chris Phipps wishes Happy Halloween (

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

And Bret responds with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) (

Day of the dead
Day of the dead

And finally a cup cake by Bret (

Cup cake
Cup cake

Finally it will be unfair if I don’t mention above Bret here. He is the current San Francisco Strava Ambassador and if that doesn’t make you rise your eyebrow, he has ridden on all the roads, I repeat *ALL* the roads of San Fransisco city! Checkout his Tumblr page detailing his rides –

There were a lot more Strava art, but I decided to pick only better ones. Do you have done any artwork on two-wheels? Or have any plans to do one? Give me a shout. :)

The Strava Artists

The Big BikeI came across the above ride map on my Facebook timeline. A little bit of searching around I landed on the Strava activity of this mammoth ride done by David Taylor. Considering the planning, preparation, and the actual riding of 341 KMs – it is a commendable job done by David (link to the ride activity –

While going through the comments on David’s activity, I came across few more artists who had tried to come up with interesting art via their rides. Below are few of them –

The Elephant by Joris Meijer –

Why did the chicken cross the road map by Bret Lobree —

A self portrait by Dave Sundheim —

A tribute to David Millar by a fan after Millar came back from a broken collarbone to win stage 12 of the Tour de France. —

Have you tried creating any art using with your bike? Or come across any interesting artwork by bikers?