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Revamping the blog

After leaving the blog in slumber for a long time, I’m back here. The blog has got a new appearance and new URL too. Though I managed to import all the older blog posts (few of them might be missing some images too!), I might delete most of them in coming days. The reason being, many of those posts were written in haste just for the sake of writing something to keep the blog alive. And some of the posts doesn’t make sense (at least to me!). Though I’m back, I might go back to hibernation as I’ve done that quite often – I’m making a mental note to write at least once a month.

So see you around…

The Art of Writing

Thinking blog awards is making rounds now a days on the blogosphere. And I thought of listing a similar one off bloggers whose writings which provide wonderful food for thoughts and make me come back to their blogs again & again. Here goes the list in no particular order.

Sursh Gundappa of Meditation Photography

If you just read the title of Suresh’s posts, you feel its stupid. Start reading the post & half through, you will change your opinion. One of the favourites in my bloglist.

Shruthi of Hallucinations

Hallucinator & an amazing writer. She converts happenings of day to day life into beautiful posts.

Shashi Kiran

I came across Shashi’s blog while blog hopping. He points out many a things of everyday life which go unnoticed, a singing girl in Melkote to quote an example. And how things around us change by time. I love his way of writing and how he weaves out a story out of simpler things.

RK of Rambling with Bellur

Most creative & talented guy I’ve ever met. Be it music or cartoon or quizzes. The list goes on. Recent series of blog cartoons from RK is a super-hit series. Way to go RK.

I’ve just mentioned four fellow bloggers above, but list goes on, its big one.

When I’m free & have no work to loads of thoughts come into my mind & I think of blogging them all. But when I sit in front of the PC to convert into a post, nothing comes out. I fail miserably when it comes to converting thoughts into words. Wonder how these guys write such wonderful articles!!

PS: This is my blog-psot in words after a long posts of just images.Trying to break the jynx & Hope I write more.
BTW is there any machine available to convert thoughts into words?? ;)