Growing old

This incident happened almost 8-9 months ago and guess this is an apt time to share it with you people. I was waiting in the reception of AFB(Alliance Francaise de Bangalore) to get my level 1 certificate. The receptionist was busy searching for it. An elderly woman (refered as Aunty from here onwards) was standing next to me, guess she was waiting for the receptionist to get some details. She started the conversation —

Aunty: Are you a student here?

Me: Yeah, just finished level 1a & 1b. Got to enroll for next level.

Aunty: Have you given 10th exams this time?

Me(with a sheepish grin): Wanted to appear this time also. But, my bad luck. I cleared the exams when I appeared 10 years ago.

Aunty: Oh! sorry.

Me: No issues. It happens most of the times to me. I’m used to it.

As the old saying goes — Man never grows old, he matures. ;)

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  1. Honestly I thought the same way when I saw you first..
    Sorry if my comment sounds offensive, neverthless to say your gray matter has aged gracefully..!
    Mohan, what is this ? connecting me here ? Hmm….

    Once at client site(US), one of my collegues had forgotten to bring his ID card to work & he said he works there & hence want to get into the office area, that guy didn’t beleive that he could actually work there & he commented saying, you look like a school going boy.. for a person who was 26(I think)…. we teased him left & right paapa :-)

  2. prashanth, we sail in the same boa :) people ask me which class i’m in, while i tell them that i’m in my final year of graduation!! and i am used to it, too!

  3. good one yes prashanth it happens to many Indians I think because of built up people get into this confusion.
    any how keep going like this let people think you a college student atleast you can feel happy though you can not really go back to school and college days except in memory lane or in dreams

  4. esp in light of the latest lagori post, I wouldn’t wonder too much about the confusion ;)

    But then I’m in the same boat as well sometimes. But nowadays after I put on a few kilos of weight that seems to have reduced… prashanth please invite me on one of your treks – I miss those kind of questions!!

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