Magic with words

I was reading ‘Sanna Kathegalu – Volume 1‘, short stories by Maasti Venkatesh Iyengar, and there was this short poem in one of the stories. When I read it first, it felt familiar. It took me some time to make out the original rhyme.
What a magic with words. Kannada What a wonderful language it is. Wonderful translation done here. Any guess on the original poem? 😉
Speaking about translation works, B>M Sri has done an amazing work in translating English poems to Kannada. Karunaalu baa belake is one such example. Original is here – Lead, kindly Light

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  1. Twinkle Twinkle little star
    How I wonder what you are!
    Up above the world so high
    Like a diamond in the sky!!!

    Wonderful Prashanth. Yes, Kannada is a star language. And these literary giants have added more glitter to it.


  2. And yes,

    Lead Kindly light is my all time favourite poem. I must admit that Karunaalu Baa BeLake beats the original!!

  3. with all that B M shri used to get teased by cotemporaries for translation works…. avara ivala udupu avalige haaki nodabayasidhe is a popular line justifying teasers 🙂

    Wonderful post prashanth


  4. “Lead kindly light” the title sounds familiar. Guess i read it in one my text books. Then it was boring , and now i see its awesome. Good find.

    Do you remember ” home they brought her warrior dead”

  5. Lord Tennyson’s poem you are refering to, bachodi?

    It was an emotional one!! We had that in our text book.

  6. khandithavaaglu..mele heliruva haage…..Karunaalu Baa belake….Lead Kindly Light gintha ..athyadbhuthavaagide…..

    BMSriavru adannu yesht mana muttuvanthe barediddare…..

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