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It’s time for NaNoWriMo

Let me be clear upfront – No, I’m not writing a novel and that too 50,000 words in a month.

For those who are not aware, ‘NaNoWriMo‘ (National Novel Writing Month), an annual novel writing project that writers both professional and amateur set themselves a challenge of writing a 50,000 words novel – this happens every November. A total of fifty thousands words – an average of 1667 words per day!

As I said in the first line, I’m not signing up in their website for the challenge. Instead of writing a mammoth book, I’m setting up a smaller target of writing 10,000 words (an average of 333 words per day – which is still a big number for me) – individual posts varying in lengths of about 300 to 600 words per article.

Why am I doing this?
In short – just to get back into writing mode regularly. Well, I’m a notorious lazy fellow when it comes to writing – procrastination takes the front seat every time. I’ve a quite a long list of drafts saved with most of them just the titles written and few having a line or two. Sometimes when I try not to procrastinate and try to write, the mind goes blank. End result – a post just with a title or line or two written.

Plan for the month ahead:
I’ll sit for an hour or how much ever time it takes for me to write the daily quota of 333 words. Though I’m planning to write 10,000 words this month – I’ll publish only posts which I feel they are good to see the light and I’ll spare you from a lot of gibberish. Now that I’ve missed the first day, I’ll average it out in the coming days.

By end of this month, I’ll come up with a summary of how I progressed & other statistics. With 310 words gone with this post, another 9690 to go in the remaining 28 days. :)

The Strava Artists

The Big BikeI came across the above ride map on my Facebook timeline. A little bit of searching around I landed on the Strava activity of this mammoth ride done by David Taylor. Considering the planning, preparation, and the actual riding of 341 KMs – it is a commendable job done by David (link to the ride activity –

While going through the comments on David’s activity, I came across few more artists who had tried to come up with interesting art via their rides. Below are few of them –

The Elephant by Joris Meijer –

Why did the chicken cross the road map by Bret Lobree —

A self portrait by Dave Sundheim —

A tribute to David Millar by a fan after Millar came back from a broken collarbone to win stage 12 of the Tour de France. —

Have you tried creating any art using with your bike? Or come across any interesting artwork by bikers?

Revamping the blog

After leaving the blog in slumber for a long time, I’m back here. The blog has got a new appearance and new URL too. Though I managed to import all the older blog posts (few of them might be missing some images too!), I might delete most of them in coming days. The reason being, many of those posts were written in haste just for the sake of writing something to keep the blog alive. And some of the posts doesn’t make sense (at least to me!). Though I’m back, I might go back to hibernation as I’ve done that quite often – I’m making a mental note to write at least once a month.

So see you around…

Review: Puma El Ray Future

I had a wonderful opportunity to own and try out the brand new Puma El Rey shoes. But as fate would have it, I received a pair of shoes size 9 instead of size 8.5 (claiming that 8.5 is not a standard size, but special shoes!!). I had no option but to give the shoes to a friend and here are my friend Viral’s words after wearing and using the shoes for few days –

New Puma Shoes are just in! And have to say they are amazing. Stylish, trendy and great to go with casual wear. These Puma shoes have a good style and great color combination, giving it a nice jazzy look. Black And Red combination, love it. Also they are a good fit for your feet. Wherever you go, people cant help but notice them, cause they have a different look which make them wanna look over and over again.

They are really comfortable to work with no matter what you use them for, be it walking, dancing, running and any other activity that comes to your mind. The inner soles in them have a cushion type feel which give your feet better support and comfort. Having a proper soles for steady support is a sure and given benefit for the ankle-rollers, and do believe me because I roll my ankles frequently. But not in these shoes.

What I like about these shoes?
They are smooth and comfortable, easy to wear, easy to handle, have amazing style and looks and also they look great on almost every kind of clothing.

What I don’t like about the shoes?
The outer soles could use some work both in ways of color and structure. The color of the soles seems to hinder with the presentation of the rest of the part. Structurally, They feel a little too high.

So overall, I think the Puma shoes are a good value for money kind of shoes satisfying every possible need you may demand from it, be it being funky, be it being comfy or be it being sturdy. You name it. Good work Puma, love the shoes.

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Book: Salvation of a Saint

Book: The Krishna Key
Title: Salvation of a Saint
Author: Keigo Higashino
Pages: 372

I have read/watched quite a few thrillers and murder mysteries. And almost all of them revolves around ‘whodunnit’, but ‘Salvation of a Saint’ comes with a different plot searching for how and why the murder happened. When I read the excerpt of the book ‘Salvation of a Saint’, the blurb made it clear that who committed the murder. By clearly declaring the murderer (though not directly) by end of first chapter, it a quite a challenge to keep the reader glued to the book for the rest of the 370 pages.

Salvation of a Saint is mystery book by the author Keigo Higashino who is a well known mystery writer in Japan. Orginal book is in Japanese titled ‘Seijo no Kyusai‘ and translated to English by Alexander O. Smith. The story starts with the death of Yoshitaka Mashiba, and revolves around his wife Ayane, Detective Kusanagi who is smitten by Ayane even though she is the prime suspect, Detective Utsumi, the young energetic female detective and physics professor Manabu Yukawa (Detective Galileo, as he is referred by the folks at the police department). With Ayane the prime suspect having an ironclad alibi,the police are left with no other clues and staring at a blank wall.

The story unwinds with clues coming out of the closet one by one, but only to hit a road block after while. Take one step forward, then two steps back – that’s how the story revolves. The tussle between Detective Kusanagi who is falling for Ayane and his junior partner Detective Utsumi makes an interesting read with both of them trying to enforce their way of investigation – with Kusanagi not willing accept Ayane as a suspect and Utsumi in a totally opposite direction with her valid logical points. Being watching/reading mysteries and thrillers recently, I tried my part of deducing the mystery, but managed only a part of it and the main part of why and how was beyond my thinking.

The book comes out with a lot of expectations set by Higashino’s previous book ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’. Looking at the comments from readers who have read ‘Salvation of a Saint’ after reading ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’, the ‘Salvation…’ doesn’t live up to the expectations – the high level of expectations the previous book set. Though ‘Salvation of a Saint’ is an interesting book plenty of twists and turns hidden every other corner, I would suggest reading ‘Salvation…’ first and then pick up ‘Devotion…’ if you do not want to be disappointed. And along with Higashino, credit should be given to Alexander Smith as well for his wonderful work of translation. Never once I got a feeling that I was reading a translated work.

Do you like mystery? Go get a copy.

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