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Prajavani uses a photo without permission

Update 6 (Final – 25-Nov 12:30PM): Finally I’ve received a cheque from The Printers (Mysore) Private Ltd. Amount mentioned in the cheque is very nominal – probably that’s the amount they pay for regular contributions. Happy with how this incident went & thanks everyone for all the help and support.

Update 5 (9-Nov 04:00PM): As committed, Prajavani has printed a correction in today’s weekly supplement saying the photographer’s name was missed out in last week’s article. Image here.

Update 4 (3-Nov 10:00PM): Based on the phone discussions, I realised the weekly supplement in charge has not seen my FB posts & tweets – though Prajavani was tagged in both the places. I sent him a detailed mail with links to FB, twitter & this post mentioning that “I’ll keep updating this post with the updates based on the progress until the issue is brought to a logical closure.”

Update 3 (3-Nov 12:30PM): Managed to reach the person in charge on 3rd attempt. Even before I could complete my story, he apologized for not seeking permission. He has offered to send me a compensation for the photo – I didn’t discuss/ask the amount, probably a nominal royalty paid. As for the correction in next week’s article about mentioning the credits – he mentioned he has to check with the editor, no commitment on this.

Update 2 (3-Nov 11:50AM): I left a comment on the online article mentioning that photo has been used without my consent. And now I see that the comment is promptly deleted by the admin! Way to go Prajavani!

Update 1 (3-Nov 11:00AM): Tried reaching the person in charge of the weekly supplement. First attempt at 10:40AM – line busy. Second attempt at 11AM – he is not available at his desk. I’ve given my contact number to the person who received the call explaining the situation.


Yesterday’s daily routine of flipping through the news paper was delayed to the evening as I was out of town for couple of days & returned only in the evening. When I moved to the Sunday supplement of Prajavani, an article (specifically a photo in that article) caught my attention – a statue of Nandi at the top of Shivagange hill. I opened my blog post which I had written in Jun 2006 with few photos – my hunch was correct. I spent the next 20 minutes to compare both the photos to be certain that it indeed was my photo. The photo used in the column ‘Mareyali hyanga’ (ಮರೆಯಲಿ ಹ್ಯಾಂಗ) written by Pavitra Shetty was mine.

With no contacts on how to proceed, I shared this information on my Facebook page & also on twitter, and I’ve got contact details of the weekly supplement’s person in charge. I’m planning to call them sometime later today to discuss on this matter.

What am I expecting from them:
* Compensation for the photo that was used without my permission
* A correction in next week’s article – mentioning the photo credits

Photo of the weekly supplement:
Prajavani - photo used without permission

Screen-grab of the Prajavani’s article:

Screenshot from my travel blog – click on the image to go to the page:


Few days ago, while cleaning the house I found a camera tripod which was left by the previous occupant. The uninterrupted rain kept me inside the house over the weekend. There I was with an idle mind and plenty of time to kill. And I decided to kill myself along with the time. Few clicks on the camera and few more on the computer resulted in these photos –

What I had –

  • A camera and not so sturdy tripod
  • Plenty of time
  • Theotrical knowledge on post-processing for cloning & layers
  • Some of the key points which makes it easy/simple to get the final cloned photo (Or in other words my learnings/observations from this time-kill experiment) –

  • Once camera is fixed on the tripod, be careful not to move the setup between the photos. That saves some effort in re-aligning them in different layers during processing.
  • Shoot in manual mode to have same exposures in all the photos.
  • Having a fixed light (shooting indoors for example) is better.
  • Have less clutter in the frame. And make sure to not to move other objects with in the frame unless required – leads to more effort during processing.
  • Once camera is set-up and focused, shift to manual focus mode. This is helpful if you are using a shallow DOF lens.
  • If its your first attempt, make sure you are not overlapping the objects/person you are plannign to clone. If you are noob like me when it comes to procesisng, you’ll have a tough time. Once you get hang of the processing raise the bar.
  • Use remote to shoot if you are alone, you get control on the time. If you don’t have one, try tethering your camera. Shoot from your laptop/PC. At then end – you have timer mode or ask your friend to shoot you.
  • (Optional, but helpful) Be creative. Don’t you think, looking at same you sitting in different places/positions is bit boring. :)
  • On all the three photos above, one can easily makeout the shoddy work that I’ve put in merging the images. Time to work on the processing skills and raise the bar. :)