Revamping the blog

After leaving the blog in slumber for a long time, I'm back here. The blog has got a new appearance and new URL too. Though I managed to import all the older blog posts (few of them might be missing some images too!), I might delete most of them in coming days. The reason being,... Continue Reading →

Random updates

* It's been a roller coaster ride for the last 8-9 months* Bangalore to Mysore to Swindon to Bangalore to London* During my five months stay in Mysore I never stayed in Mysore even for a single weekend.* Weekend travels between B'lore and Mysore during that period made me grow an aversion to that SH17.... Continue Reading →

Seventy Five Days

... since my last post.I feel guilty of forgetting to write, of not posting on Avalokana. It's not just two and half months, posting on Avalokana took a back seat since last October & was limping till Feb before coming for a halt. Reason are several. Though I was totally tied up at office during... Continue Reading →

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