Tata Sky+ launches 'Transfer'

When I saw the TV commercial of the new ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’, I couldn’t help but check more features of the latest offer. Being a Tata Sky subscriber for more than four years (I’ve the Tata Sky HD+ connection), I wanted to check what more they have on offer. To say it in one line – Tata Sky+ Transfer is a Personal Video Recorder along with additional features of streaming and transferring the recorded content to your smart phones/tablets for offline watching.

Let’s have a detailed look of what’s on offer:

  • Buy a new box – existing customers have to buy a new box for the transfer feature – existing HD box do not support Transfer
  • Comes with 500GB disk space to record TV shows
  • No hassles of cables – Wireless data transfer via Wifi
  • Tata Sky Mobile app has to be installed on the smartphones/tablets to transfer/stream content
  • Supports both Android and iOS based devices
  • A maximum of 2 devices can be setup to transfer data from the box
  • Either stream the recorded content or transfer the content to devices for offline watching
  • No hassles of your phone running out of memory as transferred content gets deleted automatically after 48 hours
  • You can pause, forward & rewind the videos like you are watching any video on your device
  • No limit on the number of times the video can be viewed
  • 1080i high definition picture quality
  • 16:9 Wide aspect ratio
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports – one on the rear and the other on ride side
  • Ethernet port
  • Option to record TV program series
  • Video on demand

Few observations that are not on the positive side:

  • There is no support for Windowos devices yet
  • Though the picture quality is 1080i on the TV, when transferred onto the devices it’ll only be 444 x 224
  • The Transfer box has to process the video before it can be transferred. This preparation is a real time process – that means if you want to copy a one hour program, you need to wait for one hour. But the transfer time is fairly quick – a 30 minutes video should be copied in 5-6 minutes time based on availability the Wifi bandwidth
  • The app on your device has to be running during the duration of transfer – minimizing or closing the app will cancel the transfer
  • Though auto delete feature is good to maintain device memory, in case if you forget watching a video you’ve to transfer the data again

Overall the new Tata Sky+ Transfer feature is an interesting one. You don’t have to be in the house in front of your TV to catch your favourite TV show. I would use my daily commute time to work to catch up all my TV shows or movies instead. If you are someone who is shift from a regular cable connection to a Direct to Home connection, check the Tata Sky+ Transfer box once.

To answer your questions check the FAQ page on Tata Sky website

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