Story of how I earned 3106 Intermiles points in a month for free

I have been a member of Intermiles (erstwhile JetPrivilege) for many years now. Few months ago I got to know about ‘Intermiles Everyday’ program where one could earn Intermiles points for free! I didn’t bother about that until last month. When I saw the banner on their website recently, I thought let’s try this out for few days. I decided to do a month long experiment to see how much one can earn from Intermiles.

So here is the story of how I earned 3106 Intermiles points in a month for free!

What’s Intermiles?
If you are wondering what is Intermiles, they are one of the reward programs in India. Or rather, Intermiles is the new & revised ‘Jet Privilege’ frequent flier program. Back in the days when Jet Airways was still flying, ‘Jet Privilege’ was the most popular frequent flyer program in India. Jet Privilege was the go to option for the co-branded credit cards. I was one of the many beneficiaries of them during my frequent travel between Pune and Bengaluru.

When Jet Airways got grounded, it got evolved into ‘Intermiles’ with new ways earning the miles and also redeeming them. One of the offerings of their changes is ‘Intermiles Everyday’ program. This is an app only program and not available on the desktop. Through this program one can earn points by walking, playing games on their app, participate in quizzes, spin the wheel, shopping (via affiliate links) etc.

Let’s have a look at the points breakup:

  1. Spin for Miles
  2. Play and Win
  3. Quiz-a-Thon
  4. Steps to Miles
  5. Final Thoughts

Spin for Miles:
As the name says, you get a chance to spin the wheel and you can win up to 250 points for free. The winnings range from 0 to 250. One has to wait for 24hrs for their next spin. While the timer used to get reset at midnight, Intermiles changed the reset counter to 24 hours. That means the user/player has to maintain a discipline to maximize the winnings (viz. setting a reminder).

In my month long experiment, most of my winnings were either 10 or 25. There were few good days when I got 50 points & couple of times higher points (125 & 75) as well. And I was not so lucky twice when I didn’t get any thing.

Points I got in this category: 1080 points
Time spent on a daily basis: 2 to 3 minutes (keeping an alarm and following a ritual was a pain though!)

Play and Win:
There are a bunch of easy and silly games within app that let’s you win up to 15 Intermiles points every day. This is the easiest way of accumulating the points. And the counter reset at midnight.

Points I got in this category: 450 points.
Time spent on a daily basis: 3 to 4 minutes

While the above two give you an opportunity to win points on a daily basis, Quiz-a-Thon is a weekly one. You answer 6 questions correctly within 60 seconds, you take home 50 points. Depending on how many questions you answer correctly, you get 0, 25 or 50 points. The quiz resets every Thursday. The quizzes that I responded so far were related to Indian culture, food, places, language etc.

Points I got in this category: 200 points.
Time spent on a daily basis: 2 minutes

Steps to Miles:
This one is with a physical activity. You walk 1000 steps and you get 1 point (as a bonus you get to be fit/healthy). You need to link to you Google Fit profile to track your steps. There is a limit of 10 Intermiles points per day and a monthly cap of 300 points. Anything beyond 10,000 steps per day that you walk will not give you any additional points. While writing this post today I noticed that Intermiles has introduced ‘Weekly walking challenges’. I’ll come back in few days to provide more details on that.

Bonus for me in this task was that I didn’t have to spend any additional time for this experiment. I’ve been walking a minimum of 10K steps per day since April this year. All I had to do was to link my Google Fit profile

Points I got in this category: 300 points.
Time spent on a daily basis: 0 minutes!

This involves spending your money! You don’t have to spend any extra money, but carry on with your regular shopping via the affiliate links provided by Intermiles. This can be done via their website. While I’m not aware of how much affiliate commission Intermiles make, they give a portion of that back to the users. I assume some, if not all the free points giving away is coming from these affiliate links. There is a long list of shopping partners, but the standout ones are Amazon, Flipkart and Swiggy.

All my shopping was on Amazon – quite a few purchases on Amazon Pantry and I bought a phone as well.

Points I got in this category: 1076 points.
Time spent on a daily basis: 2-5 minutes for logging in to IM website and couple of extra link clicks.

Final Thoughts:
How much did I earn in this month? The value of these points vary depending on the redemption type. If I redeem the points for Amazon gift voucher, it translates to 17 paise per point. But if book a flight ticket or reserve hotel room, the value have to goes as much as 50 paise per point.

Going with the least redemption, I earned Rs 528 in this month.

Was it worth spending my time to gain these points? Keeping a tab on the tasks to carry out was a bit taxing for me. Especially the ‘Spin the wheel’ category. Tracking the time & keeping alarms to remind on a daily basis was bit too much. Since this was an experiment, I wanted to maximize the returns and evaluate the outcome at the end.

Do I recommend this to others? Yes and No! For a student who is in college, he/she can accumulate almost 1200-1500 points per month. That’s around 250Rs the he/she can pay their phone bill/recharges. And for someone who values their time, this may not be completely beneficial as they can invest that time in better places.

Will I continue to do this on a daily basis? For now I plan to chose the second category. I will continue to accumulate the points further, but I will not be spending too much of my time and effort on it. That means I may accumulate somewhere around 300-500 points per month. Why say no for free points!

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