50 hours with Indica Vista D90

Few days ago I had the opportunity to try the newly launched Tata Indica Vista D90, Tata Motors’ new product in the Indica series. Thanks to Blogadda and Tata Motors, I had the ZX variant of the car with me for 3 days (around 50 hours – from Thursday late noon to Saturday evening) and drove around 600KMs. Here is my opinion about the car.

Coming from the Indica line of descent, there is not much difference in the design from the outside. One has to look twice to confirm if it’s the new D90 or the old Vista. Contrasting roof and dual colour alloy wheels caught my eye. Once you get in, it feels as if you are in a completely different car. Tata has done a good job by providing Manza like interiors including DIS (Driver Information System) which provides live feedback about distance that can be covered with remaining fuel and also fuel economy based on current speed.

Few of the new features included are seat hight adjustment for the driver, electric mirror adjustment, bluetooth connectivity for phones, music & phone controls on the steering wheel, plenty of leg room in the rear, 40:60 split seat. The car comes with airbags in the front for both driver and co-driver and ABS. Now coming the main part – this car has some brute power packed inside. I was told that the car can reach 100kmph from idle in 15 seconds. Though I didn’t try that, I could feel how the car responded. It’s not just the power, maneuvering the car at high speeds was very easy.

Features that I liked:
* Powerful engine and its response
* Easy maneuvering
* Ignition key ring which glows in the dark – this helps in finding the keyhole easily.
* Seat height adjustment for the driver – total win
* Spacious – comfortable enough for 5 people and pretty good leg room too.
* DIS – a good feature as it is better than the analog fuel indicator.
* 40:60 split seats – quick and very easy to fold and access the boot.

And now the negative part:
* Can we have a new look, please?
* Where do I keep my water bottle? There is no bottle holder.
* Amnesia – the car doesn’t remember my selection in music player and trip meter. Every time the car is started, they get reset to FM and odometer choices respectively.
* Tray where one can keep coins/mobile phones gets obstructed by the Hand brake lever. If the hand brake is not applied, it is a struggle to take the phone from the tray.
* (Possibly this was an issue with the car I was given), the moment I step on the accelerator, I could feel the feedback on the gear lever almost vibrating like a phone. It used to reduce a bit once I moved to top gears.

All in all, the Vista D90 is a good package with plenty of positive points along with few negative ones. Thank you Blogadd and Tata Motors for giving me the opportunity to test drive this car. Wish you good all the best!

Note: The review was done as part of Blogadda’s Product Reviews Program.

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