4 thoughts on “A Stranger In The Mirror

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    Anant - March 29, 2006


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    EdoRiver - March 29, 2006

    Kind of cool.
    This is my first visit.
    Shows imagination. But, how long, can you keep it going?
    Where is your resevoir of “coolness”?
    Does it, your coolness that is, come from the inside or
    from other’s ideas? Neither place is a jungle of creativity,
    neither place is a desert.
    I am in the same case, the same boat, the same state
    I don’t mind, do you?
    Of course you do, you’re trying to make a name, make a statement, who you are,
    do you have vision? or not?
    good luck.

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    kish - March 30, 2006
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    Guru - April 1, 2006

    namaskaara !!

    een sir hengidhira.. still infy?? mail maadi .. guruprasad_rao@infosys.com


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