All in the name of development

NH 48 enRoute to Mangalore, originally uploaded by Santosh Mg.

They are cutting down the trees in NH 48 (Bangalore-Mangalore), to convert existing 2 lane to a 4 lane road. First it was NH 4 (Bangalore-Tumkur stretch). Now NH 48.

Sigh!!, there will be no more greenery and shade in this stretch.

3 thoughts on “All in the name of development

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    Anonymous - July 3, 2006

    wonder why they are doing that. They could keep the trees on either side and yet make it a four lane or two lane.

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    Prashanth M - July 3, 2006

    Only reason is – Money…

    The road side trees have been auctioned for more than 1.5 crores — spread over a distance of 140+ KMs

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    Karthik - July 5, 2006

    feels very bad .. they dont even root it somewhere else.. this is bad

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