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When I am travelling (read: while not driving/riding), I can do only two things – reading or sleeping. Continuous movement of the vehicle feels like a cradle to me. If I don’t have a book in my hands, and even if scenery outside the window is breathtaking, I can keep my eyes open for few minutes or maximum half an hour. Close to two and half to three hours commuting on a daily basis from/to office meant a book in hand always. Two-three years ago, I thought of and tried reading 50 books in one calendar year – that’s almost one per week. I was on track for five months till I switched from bus commute to bike. And after moving to Aberdeen four months ago, a visit to the nearest library to get registered got into my tasks list. Last week my procrastination skills failed me and I had to get the library membership.
Now I have three books in the stable. First one is – “Cycling Home from Siberia” by Rob Lilwall, a journey of 30,000 miles (48000 KMs) on cycle travelling through 28 countries over a period of 3 years. I am already half through the book. After riding in cold temperatures going as low as -40 degree C in Siberia, to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, now we have just escaped from the rascals of Papua New Guinea. And as I write this we are waiting for the rain and floods to reduce so that we can take the Kokoda trail to reach Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea.
Second one is “The Bonsai Grower“, collection of short stories by Sheena Blackhall and third one is again related to cycling – “The Flying Scotsman“, autobiography of Graeme Obree, a Scottish racing cyclist who built his cycle “Old Faithful” which included parts from a washing machine.
Time to get off the internet and bury myself between the pages… 🙂

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