Bitten by the Riding Bug

Place Visited: Shivasamudra – Gaganachukki & Bharachukki Route Taken: Bangalore – Maddur – Malavalli – Shivasamudra – Malavalli – Maddur – Bangalore. Total distance: 306.3 KMs Team: Girish (on his Electra), Rana (Thunderbird), Sachin (Red Pulsar 180) and Prashanth (Black Pulsar 150) Plan and Pre-plan: Till 10 in the night on Saturday, my plan was to go to Chamundi hills alone and be back by evening. But thanks to Dr. Prithvi Raval, Here it is how internet comes to our help. I came to know about Girish’s plan of riding to Shivasamudra, a fellow BN through BikeNomad (Forum/Yahoo Group). I got Girish’s phone number from Doctor and confirmed about the […]

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Yet another ride to Kunigal & First Semester

Yet another ride Left office on wednesday around 4PM as I had to go to Kunigal – to be there for the new year ‘Yugadi’. Reached home by 4.45 and it took another 15 mins to pack my luggage. After a dilemma of 60 seconds, whether to go by bus or by bike, I was on my way to Kunigal by bike. Yet another ride – 14th or 15th trip on good old familiar NH 48, in a span of 5 months. Thats too much of short strip – just 70Kms stretch. Will have to plan for something longer First Semester I wrote an exam after a pretty long time […]

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Inquilaab Zindabaad

I always believed there were two kinds of men in the world. Men who go to death screaming and men who go to death in silence. Then I met the third kind… Watching a movie more than once in a theatre – that’s one thing I haven’t done much (or was this the first time?). But this movie, Ranga De Basanti – well better watch movie instead of reading my comments. 🙂 Wonderful performance by everyone, but accolades goto the southern lad, Siddarth. And also to Kunal and Sharmaan. I had seen this movie on first week of its relaese. Y’day was the second time. Well, if you haven’t seen […]

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