Palace Estate Homestay

With most of my errands being unplanned and with friends, there was no much importance given to booking hotel rooms. Treks were spent looking up the sky, counting the stars and other biking or backpacking trips, it was crashing into a decent enough available hotel room. Last April when I planned to take my family to Coorg, I was lost in deciding on accommodation. Many web pages were viewed, reviews read; but of no help. Finally good friend and an avid traveller Arun recommended me Palace Estate Home stay near Kakkabbe in Coorg. Though we started morning from Bangalore, it was close to four in the evening by the time […]

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All for none

My association with NH48 (stretch between Bangalore and Kunigal) goes a long way back to early 90s. What used to be couple of bus rides from Kunigal to Bangalore during vacations turned in to weekly journeys from Bangalore to Kunigal when I moved to Bangalore for my studies. Watching those beautiful trees passing by and enjoying the cool breeze was a pleasure. Gradually bus journies turned into bike rides and the journey became more beautiful. When I was on bike, I became part of the road. And then the horror struck – in the name of development, they decided to expand the road. NH48, taken on a winter morning in […]

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Random updates

* It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last 8-9 months * Bangalore to Mysore to Swindon to Bangalore to London * During my five months stay in Mysore I never stayed in Mysore even for a single weekend. * Weekend travels between B’lore and Mysore during that period made me grow an aversion to that SH17. I might take a slower & longer route when I go to Mysore next time. * Sold my Nikon DSLR and bought Canon 40D * Reason for changing loyalties – many. One of the main reason – my favorite lens conked. * Went on a long drive to Scotland & Lake District […]

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Walks In India

Arun, a friend, an avid traveler & travel writer is writing on walks & walking tours in India. He plans to publish 15 walks in this month of June. Visit his travel blog for the stories. And here are excerpts from his travel blog about ‘Walks in India’- Unlike in many countries, walks and walking tours are not common or popular in India. This series intends to promote the idea of walks that can enable travellers to see and experience the places better by getting closer. The series explores short and easy walking trails across India, with which a traveller can witness history, culture, life, landscapes and heritage of the […]

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Road & Trees

NH48 on an early morning, taken last winter I’ve been traveling on NH48 – the stretch between Bangalore & Kunigal for the past 16-17 years. Initially by bus and then on bike for the last two years. During my school days, it used to be from Kunigal to Bangalore, to spend my winter & summer vacations and back. Later it reversed, to spend weekends at home, far from the bustling city. When I shifted from bus to bike couple of years ago, journeys became more and more interesting. Everything became familiar – every turn, temples, buildings, houses, trees on either side of the road. Most of the times I rode […]

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Now it's

Cross-posting from payaniga 🙂 Cut that extra word in the URL. I’ve moved my travel blog to my own domain. From now onwards it’s going to be just (old url: Thanks Thej for helping me out in setting up the site. And also thanks everyone for your support & comments. Request everyone who has blog-rolled me to update the URL in your list. PS: All visitors coming via old url will be redirected to the new one.

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