Last Sunday, I played Lagori again. I had been to a temple near Tumkur with family. I saw two guys (Udaya & Chandana) playing Lagori in the temple premises. I was tempted to join them. As an ice-breaker, clicked few of photos of them playing, showed them and asked whether I can join them. And next minute I was playing with them. I played with them for more than half an hour. I was back to my school days. After sometime, my sister came looking for me as it was lunch time. She stood at a distance watching me playing with the kids. After some 10 minutes she called me […]

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Stone mantapa

View from quite, cool corner of stone mantapa @ Shivagange — Except for the sound of wind, it was dead silent. No dust/polluted air. No honks/scary noises of vehicles. No one to disturb you. Just cool breeze. One can sit for days without anyone pestering you.

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Bitten by the Riding Bug

Place Visited: Shivasamudra – Gaganachukki & Bharachukki Route Taken: Bangalore – Maddur – Malavalli – Shivasamudra – Malavalli – Maddur – Bangalore. Total distance: 306.3 KMs Team: Girish (on his Electra), Rana (Thunderbird), Sachin (Red Pulsar 180) and Prashanth (Black Pulsar 150) Plan and Pre-plan: Till 10 in the night on Saturday, my plan was to go to Chamundi hills alone and be back by evening. But thanks to Dr. Prithvi Raval, Here it is how internet comes to our help. I came to know about Girish’s plan of riding to Shivasamudra, a fellow BN through BikeNomad (Forum/Yahoo Group). I got Girish’s phone number from Doctor and confirmed about the […]

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Boat way, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya. Varanga, a jain pilgrimage is approximately 75 KMs from Mangalore and 45-50 minutes journey from Karkala. It’s a small village well known for the jain temple (basadi) which is in the middle of a pond. The basadi is called as ‘Kere Basadi’. The basadi is also a chaturmukha basadi similar to the one in Karkala. On all the four sides of the basadi statue of 22nd Thirthankara Neminatha, is established. Only option to reach the basadi is by boat – they charge a nominal fee of Rs. 2 per person for the trip. Kere basadi, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya.

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Mission Munnar

Munnar Snaps There was this continuous hum of the engine along with murmurs and frequent laughs. I don’t know why these engines, their sound come in dreams. After some time, the engine sound died and the murmurs also – I guess the dream weaver listened to my request. Suddenly the chill wind started blowing, and I was about to ask my roommate to switch off the fan. As I opened my eyes to call him, I saw blurred images walking outside the window and saw the Sun God rising behind the clouds and a group of coconut trees. By the time I came out of my drowsiness, I realized that […]

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