Filed under Travel Apercevoir: To look back (in French) Borrowing Viash’s blog name for the post 🙂 Or as Vaish says – Aperçu: 1. A discerning perception; an insight. 2. A short outline or summary; a synopsis. 3. A very brief look. Taken during ride to Shivasamudra

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Yet another ride to Kunigal & First Semester

Yet another ride Left office on wednesday around 4PM as I had to go to Kunigal – to be there for the new year ‘Yugadi’. Reached home by 4.45 and it took another 15 mins to pack my luggage. After a dilemma of 60 seconds, whether to go by bus or by bike, I was on my way to Kunigal by bike. Yet another ride – 14th or 15th trip on good old familiar NH 48, in a span of 5 months. Thats too much of short strip – just 70Kms stretch. Will have to plan for something longer First Semester I wrote an exam after a pretty long time […]

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