Change is in the air…

Along Bangalore getting changed its name to Bengalooru, thought of modifying the template. From template to updating the blogroll and finaly the name too.

So from now onwards “Scribbles from my yesteryears” becomes – “avalokana” – with the new look.

In sanskrit: avalokana – n. regard; observation, contemplation

PS: Still lot of improvement need to be done. Let me know what you think about present look.

7 thoughts on “Change is in the air…

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    Anonymous - December 21, 2006

    Heyy I just put a comment here.. I don’t know where has it gone !! It was a long one, can’t type again. :((

    BTW, thanks for blogrolling me. 🙂

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    Anonymous - December 21, 2006

    Let me know whr it has gone.. it was about the new look of your template..

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    Prashanth M - December 22, 2006

    Thanks for the comment Cuckoo. You commented about on template in a different post and you are searching it here I guess :p

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    Anonymous - December 22, 2006

    Oh whr it is? On what post? Tell me, I’ll paste it here. Don’t make me search again. My bad.

    I was browsing thru all your posts.

    Lolll me absent minded. :p

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    Prashanth M - December 22, 2006

    Here it is.. 🙂

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    Sanjay M - December 22, 2006

    very pleasant colors. I love the name as well!

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    Anonymous - December 22, 2006

    Here it comes finally.. 🙂

    Nice template. Well organized. Good utilization of space.

    All in one least I can see your other blogs from here. Good name. Do you know this word is used in Hindi as well ?
    I can see you have put the moon’s picture on header :))

    Yes, I saw that on Lily’s blog & was thinking of doing the same !!

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