Dream that's gonna stay as one

I don’t remember when I read ‘Karvalo’ for the first time, that was more than 11-12 years ago. After finishing the book, for the next week I was contending myself on the book whether it’s a fiction or a true story. Over next few years, I’ve read the same book countless number of time. Just that one book made me a fan of Poorna Chandra Tejaswi.

PooChanTe, photo courtesy - thatskannada.comLater, I got hold of his other works – ‘Jugari Cross’, ‘Chidambara Rahasya’, ‘Huliyoorina Sarahaddu’, ‘Abachoorina Post Office’, ‘Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu’ and ‘Annana Nenapu’, about Kuvempu, his father and well known poet & writer. I liked the way of his writing style. Each and every book made me a great fan of him. PooChanTe was also an avid photographer, environmentalist and also a birdwatcher.

Alas, bad news came in the after noon that Poorna Chandra Tejaswi is no more. He died due to heart-attack in his residence in Moodigere. My long pending dream of meeting him Attracted by his writing and his other interests I wanted to meet him in person. That was one long pending dream/work. But its gonna stay as a dream 🙁

RIP, Sir. Its a huge loss to all Kannadigas and the Kannada literature

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5 thoughts on “Dream that's gonna stay as one

  1. Reply
    Srik - April 5, 2007

    here is my tribute to this man of myriad.

    Thanks PuChanTe for all the wonderful gifts.

  2. Reply
    bachodi - April 5, 2007

    Very very unfortunate…
    his “parisarada kathegalu” is still in front of my eyes.

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    anand balaji - April 7, 2007

    Prashanth, I think you’ve already met the genius writer through his works!

  4. Reply
    Arun - April 8, 2007

    I am still unable to return from the shock. I have never met him either. But it is like loosing a very dear, very good friend who was with me all the time.

    I can no longer check for Tejaswi’s latest book when I go to the bookshop. Depressing it is 🙁

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    Shiv - April 14, 2007

    Many of us started reading PuChaTe with ‘Karvalo’..I wonder why?

    But the magical world he created sitting in his own world in Mudigere is unmatchable..

    Salute to the wizard !

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