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Couple of weekes ago, I was blog-hopping – jumping from one blog to another. And came across this blog Flower Fest. A letter will be chosen every fortnight. Anyone can contribute painting, sketch, or a photograph of flowers starting with that name. Here is what they say about the theme –

Flower Fest is the brainchild of Nature & Me, spurred on by Sree.

Flower Fest is the A-Z of flowers.

Two weeks for each letter of the alphabet. Starting on September 10, 2006 with the letter A.

Botanical name or common name. Either is fine.

Paint. Sketch. Doodle. Photograph. Your choice.

By the time I saw this blog, it was round up for letter L and out of curiosity sent my entry of Lotus. And lo, it got published and below is my entry – Lotus from Prashanth:

Now, its merry time with M. If you wish to contribute, March 7th is the deadline. You can get the details for Flower Fest blog on how to contribute.

4 thoughts on “Flower Fest

  1. Reply
    bachodi - March 1, 2007

    Thanks for the flower fest info.
    you always post good finds first reader, then library and flowers. nice find

  2. Reply
    Cuckoo - March 1, 2007

    Congrats Prashanth !!

    Your pictures always fascinate me, no wonder you got published.

    And as bachodi said.. you are doing good work !
    I’ll start adding books in library very soon.
    Thanks, T C

  3. Reply
    mouna - March 2, 2007

    the website is really good, thanks for the link.

  4. Reply
    anand balaji - March 23, 2007

    This photo is stunningly beautiful in its execution.
    Kudos Prashanth!

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