Google Reader

Whenever Google comes up with a new application or tool, it never disappointed me. Be it Gmail, Calender, Spreadsheets, Picasa, Video – the list goes on. And adding to this list is Google reader.

To keep track plethora of blogs getting updated, I have been using Bloglines for more than a year by subscribing to RSS feeds. My first impression that was alomost 3-4 months ago, when I saw Google Reader, I was not impressed. So I stuck to Bloglines with almost more than 80 feeds in my account. Couple of weeks ago by chance happened to visit Google reader again and in the next half an hour my loyalty had changed from Bloglines.

Google reader has options to share our subscribed feeds – either complete feed or just a single post. And you have an option to put clip of shared posts on your site like I have done here. Along with that it creates a separate page of our shared items – like this

Try it, and I’m sure you are gonna like it

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