Growing old

This incident happened almost 8-9 months ago and guess this is an apt time to share it with you people. I was waiting in the reception of AFB(Alliance Francaise de Bangalore) to get my level 1 certificate. The receptionist was busy searching for it. An elderly woman (refered as Aunty from here onwards) was standing next to me, guess she was waiting for the receptionist to get some details. She started the conversation —

Aunty: Are you a student here?

Me: Yeah, just finished level 1a & 1b. Got to enroll for next level.

Aunty: Have you given 10th exams this time?

Me(with a sheepish grin): Wanted to appear this time also. But, my bad luck. I cleared the exams when I appeared 10 years ago.

Aunty: Oh! sorry.

Me: No issues. It happens most of the times to me. I’m used to it.

As the old saying goes — Man never grows old, he matures. 😉

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