kurigaLu saar kurigaLu

“Books” — I don’t remember when they walked into my life. As far as I remember, I developed this hobby of reading when I was in my high school (or even before that ?). Till last month I was more in to reading of just prose – novels, short stories, dramas, essays.
Just for a change I thought of reading poetry and my dad suggested me to read K. S. Nissar Ahmed. And to my luck I started with the very famous poem by him “KurigaLu saar kurigaLu” — marvelous literature. Beginning is like this — “kurigaLu saar kurigaLu saagiddE gurugaLu” – he gives the reader a feeling of ‘teasing’ oneself about one’s existence and the way one earns his piece of bread. I can’t explain beyond this (not an expert to comment on literature :o…) – If you can understand Kannada, don’t miss it read it.

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    !!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! - May 31, 2005

    first time in ur blog… nice one 🙂
    nija maga… absolutely wonderful composition… erdu sali oodbeku swalpa aadru artha maadkoloke… thx 4 sharing the link

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