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Last year (2006), I decided to read 50 books in a year. I don’t know whether I read more than 50 or not, Reason, I lost track of books that I read. Couple of weeks ago I was thinking of similar plan for this year. And call it a coincidence, I came across a website where I can log all my books – Library Thing and here is my list of books read in 2007, so far.

Library thing also has a widget which I can add to my blog where it list my recent books or in a random manner. You can see the widget on the side bar and below is a snap shot of the same.

If you are a voracious reader and finding it difficult to keep track of the books read, then this site is for you. You can share the books, review them, rate them, comment on them, tag them and if you are done with the book, you can lend them to me 🙂

I’m out on long weekend, will be back next Tuesdsay. Till then have a nice weekend and Happy Republic day 😉

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    Shruthi - January 24, 2007

    Hey that’s a good link! Thanks! Now all that remains to be done is to recollect the names of all the books that I have read ever since I started reading… :O

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    Cuckoo - January 24, 2007

    Good Link, I’ll definitely check it. Couldn’t see your list of books though.

    if you are done with the book, you can lend them to me.. Ha ha.. I liked it.

    Where are you upto? Happy holidays.

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    bachodi - January 24, 2007

    Good find. I started right away. ( though i wont be having much to log there ) . PLz Publish if you find a link for movies like this

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    Anonymous - January 25, 2007

    Hey thats a very useful link , thx a ton.

    Enjoy your holidays and advance wishes for your birthday :).


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    Sigma - January 26, 2007

    Looks quite interesting. Do they have a feature to track the books I have lent to people (who may forget to return them 😉 )

    I like the “if you are done with the book, you can lend them to me” part. And the question I just ask bears no correlation to it 😀

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    Prashanth M - January 30, 2007

    Back from long weekend…

    Shruthi, same problem with me also.. so decided to track only recent ones 🙂

    Cuckoo, here is my list of books

    bachodi, usha Thanks 🙂

    sigma, for that I used to maintain a book. And now its an excel sheet 😛

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