Little D

She peeps in through the half opened door (yeah! half closed, if you are a pessimist). Smiles, showing her bunny teeth. Slowly walks in as if walking on a rope. Without making any noise sits besides me & joins me in glancing through the news paper for a moment. Next moment, she turns towards cup board & does a quick search (yeah! I know Ctrl+F) first left to right & then top to bottom. If nothing found of her interest, she walks in to the kitchen & glances at the usual place where chocolates or biscuits are kept. Turns towards the nearest person with a wide smile & eyes dancing. Handover what she wants, she comes back & sits again for few moments before she starts back home. Reaches the door, turns back, waves & continues her return journey.

That’s Little D, our little neighbor. This is almost everyday routine. No words exchanged, but she gets what she wants. And for us, a good company though for few moments everyday.

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