My Dad's convocation

They say there is no age limit to learn/study. And there were many people to prove that right in Sravanabelugola last Sunday. I was their to witness my Dad’s convocation.

After teaching thousands of students for more than 34 years of his life as a teacher, my dad was again sitting as a proud student wearing convocation gown & waiting to collect his certificate. He is 67 years old and he was not the eldest in the group of students. There were many retired professionals like my dad and eldest one being 80+ years. It was fun to watch those elders fluttering around in their dark blue gowns wearing hoods.

Convocation was to felicitate & issue certificates for the Diploma course in Prakrit language. After completing his diploma in Prakrita, my dad is getting prepared to do a Masters degree in Prakrita starting this year.

Way to go & All the best dad 🙂

PS: Coincidentally, Sunday was father’s day!

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