Neenaanaadre Naaneenena

Neenaanaadre Naaneenena (in Kannada) translates to – “If you are me, then am I you?“. Its a Kannada version of William Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors“. Scripted by S. Surendranath in Kannada on the same theme with a slight change in characters.

Happened to watch the drama ‘Neenaanaadre Naaneenena’ in Rangashankara yesterday. A total laughter riot for complete 2 hours – one obsessed to detective novels, other with Shayars, anohter is a deaf, fourth sings a song with every dailogue. Wonderful performance by Srinvas Prabhu, Sihikahi Chandru, Jahangir and others. Would love to wahtc it again.

To add to this was company of taleneted Mukta balaga members – Pransesh Sir, Usha, Veena, Girish, Sundar. And Bellur RK and Vijay just dropped in to meet us before the show.

All in all, it was wonderful evening spent @ Rangashankar.

3 thoughts on “Neenaanaadre Naaneenena

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    Srik - December 29, 2006

    Oh! Usha’s cousin??

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    Dr Bhaskar - January 6, 2007

    i was surprised to find the review of this play…..googled it for fun haha….nice….it helps….i’ve decide watch it on the 23rd….cheers

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    Prashanth M - January 8, 2007

    @ Srik – Yes, he is Usha’s cousin and also a BN member – small world you see.

    @ Dr. Bhaskar, Thanks foe the visit. Do watch it. Its a fun play

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