Boat way, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya. Varanga, a jain pilgrimage is approximately 75 KMs from Mangalore and 45-50 minutes journey from Karkala. It’s a small village well known for the jain temple (basadi) which is in the middle of a pond. The basadi is called as ‘Kere Basadi’. The basadi is also a chaturmukha basadi similar to the one in Karkala. On all the four sides of the basadi statue of 22nd Thirthankara Neminatha, is established. Only option to reach the basadi is by boat – they charge a nominal fee of Rs. 2 per person for the trip. Kere basadi, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya.

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Another year has passed. And its time for greeting each and everyone. Well let me do that first, ‘Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year’. Friday being the last working day of the year 2005, mails started flowing in since morning itself. It was a kinda routine, read through the mail, click on ‘reply’, type in ‘Wish you the same’, and Send. But was a change in routine work. 😉 And another common question along with the wishes was – ‘Hey what’s your new year resolution dude?’ As dar as I remember, I never(?) had a new resolution made in previous years. Saturday evening came, whole day went […]

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Hakuna Matata!

Its been a long time since (forget write a blog entry) I visited my blog. If you ask me a reason, answers you get will be the same stupid common ones – deadline, project delivery, slogging. *sigh* Fortunately I got sometime to have a look at the blog and scribble something. Reason – the application database is giving some terrible problems. Well that’s our DBA’s headache. And meanwhile I came across this article written by Roopa Suresh on ‘Smile‘. An adult human smiles on average 15 times a day. But a kid of age 2-3 years smiles 500 times!!! Thats the secret of health. There comes a mail from our […]

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