As usual I was standing in the beach on Sunday morning. Sun was trying to glaze the water surface from his surface. As far as I remember I just stand in the beach everyday in the same place without fail and leave the waves to come and splash me. I will be in beach irrespective of weather condition. I love to (sort of) stand there and have a look at the endless waves for endless hours. Even though it is a routine for me, I never felt boredom for this my hobby, to be honest it’s difficult to call this as my hobby. It’s as routine as the waves in […]

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Mission Munnar

Munnar Snaps There was this continuous hum of the engine along with murmurs and frequent laughs. I don’t know why these engines, their sound come in dreams. After some time, the engine sound died and the murmurs also – I guess the dream weaver listened to my request. Suddenly the chill wind started blowing, and I was about to ask my roommate to switch off the fan. As I opened my eyes to call him, I saw blurred images walking outside the window and saw the Sun God rising behind the clouds and a group of coconut trees. By the time I came out of my drowsiness, I realized that […]

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Examination time, as usual all of us were busy in collecting notes from others and getting it photo copied. Somehow we had reached the end of 5th semester. We had a very wide variety of subjects in that semester – to name few – from interesting subject “Digital Signal Processing” to wacky “Control systems” to tricky “Microprocessor” to boring “Telecommunication and Switching”. Soon classes were over and we got the time table – as usual rumors were coming like ‘exams will be postponed by one week’ or ‘students of that college are going to start strike tomorrow’ etc. As usual we had lab examinations before theory papers. So started reading […]

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Tic… tic…

It surprises you when you look back in your life. Give a second thought on that, it becomes really hard to compare present yourself to the past ‘you’. At least it’s true for me, if not for you. Past — here in this context I am not talking about a span of 20 or 30 years – I still have to wait for long years to talk like that – I am talking about past 5-6 years. Let me share an incident rather I would say it as a great learning. Few years ago, when I was in my first year B.E., we had shifted part of our house to […]

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Not long ago, when I was in high school – I think was studying 8th in Kunigal – This is the place where I did my higher schooling (for 5 years – 3 years in high school and 2 years in +2). Our house is in one end of the city and my school in the other end. The distance was around 3-3.5 KM. I used to commute to the school by bicycle, had a good lot of friends who used to come to school by bicycle. We used to have lot of fun during our journey like racing among us – both fast and slow racing, make fun of […]

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