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    Sigma - June 9, 2007

    Beautiful photograph … and a lovely pattern. Rooftop?

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    bachodi - June 12, 2007

    they are called Mangalore tiles , But i dont know why they call it so . I dint see a single mnftring unit of those in mangalore 😉

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    Sanjay M - June 12, 2007

    thanks prashanth what a surprise to see this photo here – thanks so much for letting me try out the very precious Nikon DSLR!

    Hey sigma, thanks for the compliment. Yes its a rooftop of the a small structure for sitting in Rock Park Basavangudi, as bachodi has mentioned, are mangalore tiles. Ha ha bachodi I guess mangalore must have out-sourced the manufacturing 🙂

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    Karthik - June 15, 2007

    Amazing photo ..

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