People and Portraits

Lot of my friends who see my people-portrait photos say that I capture those in an unique way with different moods and expressions. Often a question is asked – “How I manage to capture those expressions?”. Answer – I don’t know. I just wait for them and click. And personally I don’t prefer to capture people posing for me. I go for natural poses and most of my photos are captured unaware of the subjects.

Nikon D70s, 1/250 second, F/5.6, 75 mm

I went on a three day trek in Western ghats and got a chance to meet new people and capture them. So here goes a series of people-portraits for next few days, some taken over the weekend and few old ones. Let me know your comments and thoughts. Some of them I’ve already posted in this blog.

PS: Honest opinions/critiques please. Help me to improve 🙂

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