Another year has passed. And its time for greeting each and everyone. Well let me do that first, ‘Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year’.
Friday being the last working day of the year 2005, mails started flowing in since morning itself. It was a kinda routine, read through the mail, click on ‘reply’, type in ‘Wish you the same’, and Send. But was a change in routine work. 😉
And another common question along with the wishes was – ‘Hey what’s your new year resolution dude?’
As dar as I remember, I never(?) had a new resolution made in previous years. Saturday evening came, whole day went off like a minute. Before going to bed, I just wrote my first new year resolution in my diary —
“Sleep less”.
Done that, I was not in a state to witness the end of 2005 and slept early, by 11PM (or was that 10 PM!!). First day of the new year came, and was bit late to say hi to the new day – got up @ 10AM that too because of Raghu’s call. To as per my sunday routine, slept through the day except for the unavaidable breaks – breakfast and lunch.
Few things take some time to realise. And I realised that these resolutions are not my cup of tea. But Resolution is a resoution. So instead of not following the resolution, I just changed it. Opened my diary and slightly modified it —
“Sleep less than 24 hrs per day”. 🙂
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