Review: Puma El Ray Future

I had a wonderful opportunity to own and try out the brand new Puma El Rey shoes. But as fate would have it, I received a pair of shoes size 9 instead of size 8.5 (claiming that 8.5 is not a standard size, but special shoes!!). I had no option but to give the shoes to a friend and here are my friend Viral’s words after wearing and using the shoes for few days –

New Puma Shoes are just in! And have to say they are amazing. Stylish, trendy and great to go with casual wear. These Puma shoes have a good style and great color combination, giving it a nice jazzy look. Black And Red combination, love it. Also they are a good fit for your feet. Wherever you go, people cant help but notice them, cause they have a different look which make them wanna look over and over again.

They are really comfortable to work with no matter what you use them for, be it walking, dancing, running and any other activity that comes to your mind. The inner soles in them have a cushion type feel which give your feet better support and comfort. Having a proper soles for steady support is a sure and given benefit for the ankle-rollers, and do believe me because I roll my ankles frequently. But not in these shoes.

What I like about these shoes?
They are smooth and comfortable, easy to wear, easy to handle, have amazing style and looks and also they look great on almost every kind of clothing.

What I don’t like about the shoes?
The outer soles could use some work both in ways of color and structure. The color of the soles seems to hinder with the presentation of the rest of the part. Structurally, They feel a little too high.

So overall, I think the Puma shoes are a good value for money kind of shoes satisfying every possible need you may demand from it, be it being funky, be it being comfy or be it being sturdy. You name it. Good work Puma, love the shoes.

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