Road & Trees

NH48 on an early morning, taken last winter

I’ve been traveling on NH48 – the stretch between Bangalore & Kunigal for the past 16-17 years. Initially by bus and then on bike for the last two years. During my school days, it used to be from Kunigal to Bangalore, to spend my winter & summer vacations and back. Later it reversed, to spend weekends at home, far from the bustling city.

When I shifted from bus to bike couple of years ago, journeys became more and more interesting. Everything became familiar – every turn, temples, buildings, houses, trees on either side of the road. Most of the times I rode home to Kunigal enjoying the sunsets & back watching beautiful sunrises.

For the past month and half there is a drastic change in NH48. Everything looks empty. Trees are being cut down because of road widening. No more trees which always added an extra life to the road while traveling. I miss those good old friends who always stood by the road waving around their hands. Above scene is nowhere to be seen. It is all bland & barren. They are gone 🙁

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