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NH48 on an early morning, taken last winter

I’ve been traveling on NH48 – the stretch between Bangalore & Kunigal for the past 16-17 years. Initially by bus and then on bike for the last two years. During my school days, it used to be from Kunigal to Bangalore, to spend my winter & summer vacations and back. Later it reversed, to spend weekends at home, far from the bustling city.

When I shifted from bus to bike couple of years ago, journeys became more and more interesting. Everything became familiar – every turn, temples, buildings, houses, trees on either side of the road. Most of the times I rode home to Kunigal enjoying the sunsets & back watching beautiful sunrises.

For the past month and half there is a drastic change in NH48. Everything looks empty. Trees are being cut down because of road widening. No more trees which always added an extra life to the road while traveling. I miss those good old friends who always stood by the road waving around their hands. Above scene is nowhere to be seen. It is all bland & barren. They are gone 🙁

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    mouna - January 16, 2008

    i understand. i used to like richmond road lot. it used to be shady. and the footpath used to be wide. to think of walking on the same road now, is a nightmare.

    frankly, i’m happy malls came up. the crowd is lesser on mg road, than what it was before. for somebody like me, who does not fancy malls much, it is quite a relief.

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    shri - January 31, 2008

    Hi Prashanth,

    Please take more pics. This way we can atleast see them in pics if not in real life


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    empoweringall - February 4, 2008

    oh, thats a beautiful picture! looks like there is light at the end of tunnel!

    but to see those trees being cut down, to make way for more traffic and more accidents, more pollution and more diseases, less greenery and more depression, is heart wrenching. all in the name of civilization!

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    Vijay - February 6, 2008

    Such a pity… in the old days the road from Bangalore to Mysore used to be the same… now no more…

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