Not long ago, when I was in high school – I think was studying 8th in Kunigal – This is the place where I did my higher schooling (for 5 years – 3 years in high school and 2 years in +2). Our house is in one end of the city and my school in the other end. The distance was around 3-3.5 KM. I used to commute to the school by bicycle, had a good lot of friends who used to come to school by bicycle. We used to have lot of fun during our journey like racing among us – both fast and slow racing, make fun of each others etc. I really miss those days – gone are the days, but not memories.

When I was in 8th, (My father, he is a retired head master – got retired two and half years back – unfortunately I never got a chance to sit in his class in School, because when I stepped into my 8th, he got transferred to a Girls high school – but lucky enough to learn a lot from him other than academics.). I was the shortest of all in our class – and most innocent, cutest guy – like now. My father’s friends/relatives used to ask me, “In which standard are you studying? – 4th or 5th.” – When I was in 8th (Even now also people ask me the same question – ask me whether I am studying +2 or doing my bachelor’s.

This incident, it happened during initial days of my 8th. I was new to the town Kunigal, at that time. After completing 5th in a different place called Huliyur Durga, I went to a boarding school near Tumkur. After 2 years, I was back home. By that time my father had got transferred from Huliyur Durga to Kunigal to a Girls high school. The school where my father was working, it was in heart of the city.

And now comes the important character of this incident. Till now I don’t know his name. Everyone – my friends used to call him as “Kencha” while referring to him. So I will also call him like that only. His house was just a stones throw away from our house. I came to know about this guy’s details after this incident from my friends. According to the information I got, he was a kind of troublemaker in the school and also out side. He had a record of sitting in the same class for more than a year – that too he had repeated that consistently in almost every class. When this incident occurred, he was also in his high school, but in a different school.

One day, that was a Saturday, I was coming back home from school. Saturday school timing was from 8 in the morning to 11.20. That day I was alone on my bicycle; don’t remember where my friends were on that day. I had traveled almost 75% of the distance to home, then came this guy “Kencha”. He was also on a bicycle. He stopped in front of such a way that I had to stop also and there was no room to move bicycle. That’s when I met him for the first and last time.

Here is the conversation between us:

Kencha: “Eno nimma thathange sumne irakke aagalveno school nalli ?? (Why can’t your grandfather be quite in school?)

Me: “Thanthana ? Yara thatha ?” (Grandfather ? who’s grandfather ?)

K: “Enu policege complaint kodtahrantha ninna thatha nanna mele?” (What, will your grandpa complaint to police about me ?)

M: “Yara thatha na bagge mathadtha iddiya neenu – thale gile kettideya ninge?” (About who’s grandpa are you talking about ? Have you gone mad?)

K: “Magane nange thale kettife anthiya?” (what, You call me mad?)


By that time he was totally pissed off, because of the total lack of communication. That was unexpected, he slapped me. Some 4-5 ongoers were looking at us. My cheek was burning like when it has just got touched by a hot iron box. I was totally blank in mind. And then, totally unexpected happened.


This time it was me who slapped him. He was totally surprised. Without uttering a word, he took bicycle which was lying on the ground and left. I was standing there for almost 5 minutes, recollecting whatever happened. That was the first time I slapped one, who was elder than me, stronger, taller than me.


After I told about this incident to my father, he told me the reason behind this – Few days ago, he went to the girls’ school where my dad was working along with few of his trouble making friends. While strolling around there and teasing some girls, he was caught by my father. My father, he was famous for threatening (I am not able to find the suitable word for that, it was not like threatening. It was something like warning) trouble makers in the school and his specialty was, he never beat a single student in his service of full 34 years as teacher. After getting caught Mr. Kencha, he was warned by my father and few of his colleagues. And my dad had warned him that, if he is found in the school vicinity again, they will complain to the police.

This incident occurred almost 11 years back, but it’s still green in memory. Few months back when I went to Kunigal, it happened to travel in an auto. Guess what, he was driving that auto. Whenever I see him, it makes me laugh about myself.

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