7 thoughts on “Sunset @ Kunigal

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    Kishan - September 4, 2006

    This is such an Amazing shot… I want to buy you a cofeee at Kalmane coffees…as a reward for such a talent… 🙂

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    Ashish Sidapara - September 4, 2006

    Love the colors, great shot!

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    Shuva - September 5, 2006

    Nice place for me to sit down , relax with a mug of beer on my hand 🙂

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    Prashanth M - September 5, 2006

    Thanks Kishan, Ashish and Shuva.

    @Shuva, you are most welcome to Kunigal. This lake is just behind our house in Kunigal 🙂

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    conjurer - September 5, 2006

    could’ve been much better. But thanks for sharing the nice pic.

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    Anonymous - December 18, 2006

    super shot, the golden yellow sheen is beautiful!

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    Anonymous - December 22, 2006

    Just one word.. Awesome !! Couldn’t have been better than this. Sunrise n sunsets are my favourites. 🙂

    Lake behind your house? You so lucky??

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