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Cross-posting from payaniga 🙂 Cut that extra word in the URL. I’ve moved my travel blog to my own domain. From now onwards it’s going to be just (old url: Thanks Thej for helping me out in setting up the site. And also thanks everyone for your support & comments. Request everyone who has blog-rolled me to update the URL in your list. PS: All visitors coming via old url will be redirected to the new one.

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The Art of Writing

Thinking blog awards is making rounds now a days on the blogosphere. And I thought of listing a similar one off bloggers whose writings which provide wonderful food for thoughts and make me come back to their blogs again & again. Here goes the list in no particular order. Sursh Gundappa of Meditation Photography If you just read the title of Suresh’s posts, you feel its stupid. Start reading the post & half through, you will change your opinion. One of the favourites in my bloglist. Shruthi of Hallucinations Hallucinator & an amazing writer. She converts happenings of day to day life into beautiful posts. Shashi Kiran I came across […]

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Flower Fest

Couple of weekes ago, I was blog-hopping – jumping from one blog to another. And came across this blog Flower Fest. A letter will be chosen every fortnight. Anyone can contribute painting, sketch, or a photograph of flowers starting with that name. Here is what they say about the theme – Flower Fest is the brainchild of Nature & Me, spurred on by Sree. Flower Fest is the A-Z of flowers. Two weeks for each letter of the alphabet. Starting on September 10, 2006 with the letter A. Botanical name or common name. Either is fine. Paint. Sketch. Doodle. Photograph. Your choice. By the time I saw this blog, it […]

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