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It surprises you when you look back in your life. Give a second thought on that, it becomes really hard to compare present yourself to the past ‘you’. At least it’s true for me, if not for you. Past — here in this context I am not talking about a span of 20 or 30 years – I still have to wait for long years to talk like that – I am talking about past 5-6 years. Let me share an incident rather I would say it as a great learning. Few years ago, when I was in my first year B.E., we had shifted part of our house to […]

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Not long ago, when I was in high school – I think was studying 8th in Kunigal – This is the place where I did my higher schooling (for 5 years – 3 years in high school and 2 years in +2). Our house is in one end of the city and my school in the other end. The distance was around 3-3.5 KM. I used to commute to the school by bicycle, had a good lot of friends who used to come to school by bicycle. We used to have lot of fun during our journey like racing among us – both fast and slow racing, make fun of […]

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