Prajavani uses a photo without permission

Update 6 (Final – 25-Nov 12:30PM): Finally I’ve received a cheque from The Printers (Mysore) Private Ltd. Amount mentioned in the cheque is very nominal – probably that’s the amount they pay for regular contributions. Happy with how this incident went & thanks everyone for all the help and support. Update 5 (9-Nov 04:00PM): As committed, Prajavani has printed a correction in today’s weekly supplement saying the photographer’s name was missed out in last week’s article. Image here. Update 4 (3-Nov 10:00PM): Based on the phone discussions, I realized the weekly supplement in charge has not seen my FB posts & tweets – though Prajavani was tagged in both the […]

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Few days ago, while cleaning the house I found a camera tripod which was left by the previous occupant. The uninterrupted rain kept me inside the house over the weekend. There I was with an idle mind and plenty of time to kill. And I decided to kill myself along with the time. Few clicks on the camera and few more on the computer resulted in these photos – What I had – A camera and not so sturdy tripod Plenty of time Theotrical knowledge on post-processing for cloning & layers Some of the key points which makes it easy/simple to get the final cloned photo (Or in other words […]

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