Revamping the blog

After leaving the blog in slumber for a long time, I’m back here. The blog has got a new appearance and new URL too. Though I managed to import all the older blog posts (few of them might be missing some images too!), I might delete most of them in coming days. The reason being, many of those posts were written in haste just for the sake of writing something to keep the blog alive. And some of the posts doesn’t make sense (at least to me!). Though I’m back, I might go back to hibernation as I’ve done that quite often – I’m making a mental note to write […]

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Random updates

* It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last 8-9 months * Bangalore to Mysore to Swindon to Bangalore to London * During my five months stay in Mysore I never stayed in Mysore even for a single weekend. * Weekend travels between B’lore and Mysore during that period made me grow an aversion to that SH17. I might take a slower & longer route when I go to Mysore next time. * Sold my Nikon DSLR and bought Canon 40D * Reason for changing loyalties – many. One of the main reason – my favorite lens conked. * Went on a long drive to Scotland & Lake District […]

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Seventy Five Days

… since my last post. I feel guilty of forgetting to write, of not posting on Avalokana. It’s not just two and half months, posting on Avalokana took a back seat since last October & was limping till Feb before coming for a halt. Reason are several. Though I was totally tied up at office during Nov & Dec’07 and after that got busy at home for a month as my parents shifted to Bangalore, I managed to put-up few photos. It was then, when I got loads of time, posts stopped. Now that I’m back, I plan to be active here. Time for me chug along after the long […]

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