Book: In the Hot Unconscious

There are books that get you hooked before you finish first couple of pages. And there are others that don’t, but changes the first impression gradually if you keep reading. I place this book ‘In the Hot Unconscious’ by Charles Foster in the second category. I was reluctant to continue reading the book even before reaching first page – right at the paragraph where Charles Foster mentions this book as a religious book! (personally I keep away from this genre of books). But I wanted to continue for two  particular reasons, one to get back to my reading routine and second, a more important one – I wanted to read […]

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Random updates

* It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last 8-9 months * Bangalore to Mysore to Swindon to Bangalore to London * During my five months stay in Mysore I never stayed in Mysore even for a single weekend. * Weekend travels between B’lore and Mysore during that period made me grow an aversion to that SH17. I might take a slower & longer route when I go to Mysore next time. * Sold my Nikon DSLR and bought Canon 40D * Reason for changing loyalties – many. One of the main reason – my favorite lens conked. * Went on a long drive to Scotland & Lake District […]

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Stone mantapa

View from quite, cool corner of stone mantapa @ Shivagange — Except for the sound of wind, it was dead silent. No dust/polluted air. No honks/scary noises of vehicles. No one to disturb you. Just cool breeze. One can sit for days without anyone pestering you.

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