The Art of Writing

Thinking blog awards is making rounds now a days on the blogosphere. And I thought of listing a similar one off bloggers whose writings which provide wonderful food for thoughts and make me come back to their blogs again & again. Here goes the list in no particular order.
Sursh Gundappa of Meditation Photography

If you just read the title of Suresh’s posts, you feel its stupid. Start reading the post & half through, you will change your opinion. One of the favourites in my bloglist.

Shruthi of Hallucinations

Hallucinator & an amazing writer. She converts happenings of day to day life into beautiful posts.

Shashi Kiran

I came across Shashi’s blog while blog hopping. He points out many a things of everyday life which go unnoticed, a singing girl in Melkote to quote an example. And how things around us change by time. I love his way of writing and how he weaves out a story out of simpler things.

RK of Rambling with Bellur

Most creative & talented guy I’ve ever met. Be it music or cartoon or quizzes. The list goes on. Recent series of blog cartoons from RK is a super-hit series. Way to go RK.

I’ve just mentioned four fellow bloggers above, but list goes on, its big one.
When I’m free & have no work to loads of thoughts come into my mind & I think of blogging them all. But when I sit in front of the PC to convert into a post, nothing comes out. I fail miserably when it comes to converting thoughts into words. Wonder how these guys write such wonderful articles!!
PS: This is my blog-psot in words after a long posts of just images.Trying to break the jynx & Hope I write more.
BTW is there any machine available to convert thoughts into words?? 😉

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