Tic… tic…

It surprises you when you look back in your life. Give a second thought on that, it becomes really hard to compare present yourself to the past ‘you’. At least it’s true for me, if not for you. Past — here in this context I am not talking about a span of 20 or 30 years – I still have to wait for long years to talk like that – I am talking about past 5-6 years. Let me share an incident rather I would say it as a great learning.

Few years ago, when I was in my first year B.E., we had shifted part of our house to Bangalore. My dad was staying alone in Kunigal. I was staying with my sister in Rajajinagar, really a good locality in Bangalore. My mom used stay with us for a week and then in Kunigal for another week. That is when we were having few troubles financially, because of family maintenance at two places and few other reasons. Every rupee was spent with prior caution.

One fine day, my mother sent me to buy an alarm time piece to the newly shifted house – that was not at all a house, but a single room with an attached bath. I went to a shop and asked for a simple alarm. The one which the shop keeper showed – cheapest one, around 50 rupees — didn’t appeal me. So I went for a higher priced one and bought it for – believe me, for just — Rs. 85 (its easy for me to add the word ‘just’ now , but not at that time) and was happy to get a good time-piece to such a low price.

When I reached home, there it started. My mom started scolding me for paying that much amount for the alarm. Whole evening it didn’t stop and she was telling us about the value of money. Fortunately, my sister was there to support me – somehow the incident settled down. Even now It makes me to think at least twice to spend money.

Whenever I go home, same old alarm winks at me and tells a story about value of money in its one way – Tic tic tic tic, Tic tic tic tic.

My father used to tell – “To know the value of money, earn it first” – and it’s an eternal truth that – “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

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