Boat way, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya.

Varanga, a jain pilgrimage is approximately 75 KMs from Mangalore and 45-50 minutes journey from Karkala. It’s a small village well known for the jain temple (basadi) which is in the middle of a pond. The basadi is called as ‘Kere Basadi’. The basadi is also a chaturmukha basadi similar to the one in Karkala. On all the four sides of the basadi statue of 22nd Thirthankara Neminatha, is established. Only option to reach the basadi is by boat – they charge a nominal fee of Rs. 2 per person for the trip.

Kere basadi, originally uploaded by Prashanth Manikya.

2 thoughts on “Varanga

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    Vaish - February 3, 2006

    Really nice shots! 🙂 I should visit this place sometime! 🙂

  2. Reply
    Prashanth M - February 6, 2006

    Please do when you come down to India. There are loads of nice places in that region.

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