What's in a name?

It was yet another round of fun talk when I told my friends that I had been to Norway over the weekend (during long drive to Shivamogga and Chikkamagalur last weekend). More and more places with peculiar names came out. To name a few –

  • There are villages by name Singapura (Singapore) and Korea near Devanahalli – one doesn’t even have to go to airport to reach these two places.
  • On the way to Irpu falls near Gonikoppa in Coorg, there is a village called ‘Kurchi’ which means chair in Kannada.
  • There is a village called ‘Karadi’ between Kunigal and Huliyurdurga, which means Bear in Kannada.
  • Most interesting name; there is a village called ‘Google‘ in Raichur district of Karnataka!! – Read the full story on TOI

BTW Norway (spelt as Narve) which I visited is actually a small village between Hariharapura and Jayapura in near Chikkamagalur.

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