It was usual journey back home from office. Frankly speaking I don’t know the exact route our cab driver takes. I spend those precious time in catching some sleep (sometimes even the driver wakes me up at my drop-off point). Last thursday, while returning I was awakened by loud drumming sound and was happy to find that there was a “Yakshagana” play at Shankaramata (Basavanagudi).
I had seen many plays on TV, but never had a chance to watch it live. As soon as I reached home, just grabbed my camera and rushed back to venue. It was great experience to watch it. The plays were enacted by “Sri Mahalingeshwara Pravasi Yakshagana Mandali” from Puttur.
Photo description: 1. Bheema in ‘Dusshasana vadha’ – the murder of Dusshasana, secondof the 100 Kaurava brothers. First one is Duryodhana, 2. Krishna, behind him is Arjuna, 3. Nakula, 4. Draupadi, wife of Pandavas
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